SanGuoSha Starter 2014 (界限突破)

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*NEW* SanGuoSha Starter Edition 2014

Not everyone is ready for the Final Collector's Pack.  
Perhaps you want something more simple to get you started? Something to get you started into your SanGuoSha journey?

The SanGuoSha Starter Edition 2014 is your answer! 

The newest revision to the Starter Edition, Yoka Games has made changes to most of the well-loved heroes in the Starter Edition 2013.

New Feature: Treasures
The Starter Edition 2014 features a new category of cards called ''treasures'' or 宝物.

In the package, it contains 1 new treasure card called 木牛流马 that allows you to move resources among your allies! A new card, a new strategy awaits.

Grab this amazing deal and get started on SanGuoSha! Grab yours today!

Note: There are 2 versions of the Standard Edition 2014. We are stocking the version without the online card and the Shiny Card. That is the only difference between the 2. If you are interested in the version with the online card and Shiny Card, pls email us, and we will try our best to get it to you. 

Common Questions

Q: I heard there's a collector's edition for this 2014 edition similar to the Final Pack Collector's edition.

A: Yes! Buy it here

Q: I saw this other Special package for Starter Edition Collector's Edition online with a greyish cover. Why don't you stock it?

A: That is simply a collector's edition for the Starter Pack and does not include any expansions like the Final Pack Collector's Edition 2014. It does, however, consist of non-material (in my opinion) freebies like USB thumbdrive, certificate, and Shiny Cards. If you still want it, pls email us and we will try to get it to you.

Q: I bought the Final Pack - Collector's Edition 2013. Does that mean the cards are not compatible, like card backings etc, with this Standard Edition 2014?

A: If you already have Final Pack - Collector's Edition 2013, then this will be the perfect complement. The backings for the cards are the same. Simply replace the duplicate game cards from the Standard Edition 2013 (i.e heroes and game cards set) with these and you are set! There is no duplicate for anything else. (i.e Return of the Legends, OKF)