Return of the Legend Expansion Set 2013

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What took YOKA so long??
Since the introduction of Hills Pack, which they claim is the last official expansion pack they will release, Sanguosha players all over the world needed to pick and select their expansion packs individually to complete their set...
Return of the Legend 神话再临 Expansion set gives you ALL FIVE expansions released by YOKA in one beautiful box pack.
1. Battle Expansion 军争篇
2. Fire Expansion
3. Wind Expansion
4. Woods Expansion
5. Hills Expansion
[Comes with 2 random Demi-God cards, 1 shiny card, and 1 booklet (in Chinese)]
How's THAT for a good deal? Grab your Return of the Legend Expansion set NOW!!!
p.s Limited stock for this expansion for the SGS standard edition 2013