Q Version Bundle

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Nobody above the age of 12 would enjoy this version of SGS.

With immature cartoon graphics that make the Smurfs look like barbarians, there just simply cannot be any self-respecting adult out there who would purchase the Q version of SGS.

Or so I thought.

After refusing to bring in the Q version for almost a full year, we finally relented and decide to bring in a few pieces of the repulsive product and see for ourselves how popular this abomination might be.

The moment we opened the packaging, we fell in love with it instantly! No, we did not even get to the playing cards before this 31 year old heavy-metal head-banging male was squealing like an 8 year old ballerina.
Maybe it's just me.

We were so distracted that we never got down to playing the darn game proper. But you probably will, because this pack comes complete with the Wind Expansion pack and it's mini DemiGod figurine to give you a close match to the "adult" version of SanGuoSha.

Details within the Pack:
1. SanGuoSha Q Version 
2SanGuoSha Q Version Expansion Bundle
Seriously, purchase one set and give it to your fellow SGS mates as a gift. He (or better still, she) would LOVE it! Only very limited sets available. Get yours now!