Playing Mat & Quick Guide

A picture is worth a thousand words, so save your saliva!

Let the new players pick up SanGuoSha and Kingdom Wars within minutes by printing out these Playing Mats! The mat is laid out to guide new players in placing their character cards, equipped items, as well as cards pending judgement. 

You can also flip the mat over for quick game rules to get everyone started. 

Here are a few different ways to use this digital download of SGS Playing Mat:

1. Download it into your iPad or tablet and show it to the beginner users for their reference. This is the most environmentally friendly option!

2. Print out as many Playing Mats as needed using A4 or Letter-sized paper and lay it on the playing table in front of every player. The Mats work well even with Black and White printing! These printed mats can easily be used to scribble down scores and take down notes for the beginner.

3. Print and Laminate the Playing Mats so that you can constantly re-use for months!

Q: "Why doesn't simply sell the printed and laminated mats?"

A: It is incredibly difficult to prevent the laminated mats from buckling and creasing during shipping. These laminated mats can also be quite heavy! Not only will it cost both parties more for shipping, it will also take far longer to reach you. This digital download is just one click away! 

Makes sense to us!

Test out these Playing Mats for yourself and see how quickly your friends pick up SanGuoSha and Kingdom Wars! Get yours now!!