*Best Seller! - PDF Guide (2nd Edition)

This is the Updated 2012 Version!

** Our recommended way of making the best use of this guidebook is to upload it into your iPad, then use the contents page to find the card you need quickly! Pass the iPad around to whoever needs it!

With this PDF version, you get the full guidebook at a fraction of the price with virtually zero delivery interval.

This pair of Guidebooks is an original creation using the translations from the SGS English blog. It contains all the official playing cards, as well as all the official characters up to the SP Characters of 2011.

Details within the Pack:
- All Character ability translations from Original pack, Fire, Wind, Woods, OKF and Hills expansion packs. Includes 8 Demi-God ability translations, as well as 10 SP characters.
- All playing card translations from Original pack, Battle expansion pack and one SP weapon.
- Full terminology translations
- Brilliant full colour design
- New "3v3" game rules