Kingdom Wars 2013 Main Expansion (国战。君临天下。势备篇)

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*The amazing SGS game version Kingdom Wars now has an expansion pack!

If you are here, then you already know how amazing Kingdom Wars is. Team play and increased strategic play is brought to the next level with new KEY mechanisms and of course, new cards. But what really makes this worth a product page by itself is that unlike the other 2 expansions packs (the 10 card versions), this is to me, a game changing expansion. This expansion comes with....get this....a whopping new 52 cards to the game. And I know what you're thinking....most of them could be the same tool cards as the base set right? I'm happy to say that there's only 3 cards that are the same. The rest of the 49 are all new to Kingdom Wars. A quick listing is in order

New Mechanisms

Big and Small Kingdoms/Coalitions - Did you feel that the odds of winning decrease rapidly as your forces become weaker? Welcome the new coalition definition, that allows you to use cards and abilities that may just quickly turn the tables around and in your favour! What exactly does that mean? I'd leave that to the blog site for the explanations. 

Card Giving - Linked closely to the concept of keeping smaller coalitions alive, this mechanism marks a quarter of the cards with this mechanism, helping to balance the situation! 

New Cards

We play SGS not just for the game, but the history part of it also keeps the interest fresh. New tool and equipment cards depict concepts and events of history to make this an even more engaging gameplay experience! 

Final Thoughts: The new expansion has significantly increased the pace of revealing of Hero cards and hence the tempo of the game. It also introduces greater collaboration among the smaller kingdoms and making it more balanced. This is a MUST-BUY for Kingdom Wars players. There's no reason not to buy it.