Kingdom Wars 2013 (国战)

*NEW Main Expansion to Kingdom Wars 2013 is finally here!!!!!*

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I dare say this product was "initiated" by the regular SGS players like us. Born from the auxiliary rules and further developed by YOKA, Kingdom Wars is still relatively unknown and highly undervalued among SGS fans! To me Kingdom Wars is at least, if not more awesome than the standard edition!

The Box Set comes with 60 playable characters, 9 of which are brand new and specially created for Kingdom Wars! 
Also new are 3 Tool cards, 2 new weapons, and 4 "Ambitionist" role cards. The number of players is also different (2 to 12 players).
But if you're worried about mixing up these cards with your normal SGS set, you can relax. The Kingdom Wars Box Set has completely different card backings for all cards, as well as different character frames. There's no way you're going to get them mixed up without being able to separate them easily. 

If you are already getting tired of the usual SanGuoSha, this is the remedy you've been waiting for! Get yours now!!

The newest MUST-BUY expansion for Kingdom Wars is now here! 52 Card pack, New Game-Changing Mechanism, Balancing Kingdom/Coalition Forces. Its amazing!
Hero Expansion Packs
Yoka has released 2 hero expansion packs for Kingdom Wars 2013!

Each expansion pack consists of a fixed set of hero cards. Moreover, you also get 1 out of 3 random cards associated with the set. For those who have played the expansions to the SGS Standard Edition, this is similar to the random Demi-God Card(s) that you get in each expansion pack. 



Common questions:
Q: There's a 2014 Standard Edition Pack. How come there isn't any update for Kingdom Wars?
A: As far as we know, there isn't any that is planned. However, there are expansions that continue to be produced by Yoka. Currently there are 2 expansions for the set. 
A: The main expansion pack is here!!
Q: From the Hero expansion packs, I can only get 1 out of the 3 random cards? How do I get the other 2?
A: Its purely random. So you may wish to buy another pack if you wish to collect all of them. The expansion packs are delivered to you sealed, so we have no control over what is inside your pack.