High School Sha!- SanGuoSha "Teachers VS Students"

What the hell does this game have to do with SanGuoSha???

Other than the game mechanics (which, let's be honest, didn't actually originate from YOKA), this game has as much in common with "Three Kingdoms" as China does with copyright compliance. This is a game that is 90% new!

No Three Kingdom's characters... instead the characters in this game are common high-school personalities such as "Student Council Leader 学生会干事", "Body Builder 肌肉猛男", "The Geek 科学怪人" etc.

Aren't you absolutely curious what their character abilities are?? I know i am!!

Furthermore, the allegiances have changed. Instead of Shu, Wei Wu, and Heroes, "High School Sha" created their own allegiances...
"Virtuous 德" 
"Brainiacs 智"
"Athletes 体"
"Hotties 美"
"Others TA".

Everything down to the weapons and horses have been "spoofed". Horses are replaced by bicycles and skateboards... You get the idea!

This game is back-breakingly hilarious and is probably one of the most loved spin-offs from SanGuoSha till date! Don't ake my word for it though, test it out yourself!!

Since this is a new product, we are bringing in a tiny minimum number of pieces to test the response. If you want yours quick, grab it right now!