Final Pack - Collector's Edition 2014

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** Final Pack now comes with option for 45 SP cards!! **
** ALL Final Packs include FREE 300 piece Card Protector! **  
** Updated the base set for Starter Pack 2014 (including new treasure card)!! ***                                                      
The Final Pack is everything you need... and more!
The Collector's Edition is the complete set of everything SGS that is official from YOKA. If you want to get the entire set in one bundle for one great price, THIS IS IT!
When we mean EVERYTHING, we really mean it. It even has all the Demi-God cards to make sure you have a complete collection.  
What's in the Pack:
1. High Quality Collector's Edition 2014 Box with Starter Set 2014 inside
2. Battle Expansion (updated with new 2014 base set card backings)
3. Fire Expansion
4. Wind Expansion
5. Woods Expansion
6. Hills Expansion
7. OKF 2011 Expansion
8. OKF 2012 Expansion
9. OKF 2013 Expansion
10. OKF2014 Expansion ** NEW **
11. All Demi-God Cards (Original)
12. PDF SanGuoSha English Guide
13. 300 Pieces Card Protector 
(OPTIONAL) 45 SP cards and characters from January 2011 to January 2014 (High Quality Fakes)
Note: Optional SP cards are NOT original from YOKA, but high quality fakes. These are only for playing purposes and not for collectors!
If bought Separately = SGD$156.50
(Assuming additional 5 DG cards needed to collect all DGs)

The 2014 Final Pack Promotional Price = $89.90!!

Differences of the 2014 from the 2013 Collector's Edition:
This package includes an updates base set (Starter Pack 2014).
The box is sturdy and much improved from the 2013 box that is made of cardboard. 
OKF 2014 is included inside as well!
NOTE: All original wrappings will be preserved in your order. All items are not laminated.