Q: I need to ask you a question. How do I contact you?

A: We need to answer your question! Email us at

Q: I love your items, but how do I make a purchase?

A: Scroll through this site using the links on the left column. When you see any item you want to order, simply click "Add to Cart". After you are done shopping, click on the words "Checkout" and follow the instructions from there.


Q: Are your products authentic?

A: Yes they are. We do our best to ensure that our suppliers provide us authentic items. We have been supplying authentic products for quite a while now, and we would not jeopardize our hard-earned trust for a few dollars!

(Note that Unofficial Packs Bundle are not YOKA products to begin with and are bootleg products!)


Q: I submitted an order, but I changed my mind! Can I cancel my order?

A: If you are making the order cancellation within 24 hours of the order being made, simply drop us an email at immediately. We will work to cancel your order, no questions asked!

Important Note: If the order cancellation is made after 24 hours of the order being made, we will not allow cancellation of orders. Thank you for your understanding. 

Q: I have been waiting for 3 weeks but my item has not arrived. What should I do?

A: Do drop us an email at 


Q: I have received the wrong item, what should i do?

A:  Please notify us immediately at


Q: What are your available payment options?

A: In order of preference, we accept Paypal and ATM/Bank Transfer. We no longer do Cash-on-Delivery.


Q: You do not charge any delivery fees?

A: Yup, that's right! We absorb all forms of delivery charges and so you can get your item at your convenience.

The exception to this is when the customer requests for using Singpost, thereupon we will request for postage fees based on Singpost rates accordingly.


Q: Where do I key in the promo code for discounts?

A: When you go to the "Check Out" page, you should see "Step 1 of 2". Key in your Email and shipping particulars, then click "Continue to Next Step". When "Step 2 of 2" appears, you should see a space for "Discounts". Just key in the Promo Code there and click "Apply". The discounted price should appear automatically on the upper right of that page.


SanGuoSha products

Q: What happened to the unofficial cards? You guys no longer sell them?

A: They are back due to popular demand! Click here!!


Q: What are the Shiny character cards for? Why do they have a "scratch & win" strip on the back?

A: The shiny cards are purely a gift from the game-makers. The scratch strip used to be for verification that the product is authentic, but it has since been changed to allow you to redeem items on SanGuoSha online.


Q: I think Shiny cards are uber cool, but I only have a handful of them. Will I ever be able to complete the collection of all the characters?

A: Yes and no. If you simply purchase expansion after expansion pack, hoping to complete your shiny card collection, I can almost guarantee you will go mad with frustration. However, we have managed to complete the Original pack and Wind expansion characters. They are EXTREMELY rare though and took a heckuva lot of effort. You can find them on this shop!


Q: How does your lamination service work?

A: We do not do lamination service, but rather our products have been pre-laminated by suppliers. 


Q: What about lamination of Q-version cards? Do you laminate those as well?

A: No we do not. Q-version cards are smaller in size and we are unable to laminate them at this moment.


Q: Do you do Doorstep Delivery?

A: Yup!! Our couriers will contact you to arrange for delivery when your item is ready.


Q: How long will my item take to reach me?

A: Please give us around 2 weeks time for our items to reach you! 



Q: Do you organize any meet-ups/gatherings for SGS fans?

A: Yes we do! We usually hold our gatherings at either Minds Cafe (Funan) or Settlers Cafe (Clark Quay). Please visit the SGS English blog for more updates on future gatherings.



Q: Your soft-copy translation guide does not include the translation for the new expansions. Do you intend to update it in the future?

A: Yes we do! Once the update is ready, we shall inform you via Email. Look out for it!